Celtic Badger Media are a film-making company based in Limerick, Ireland. Together since May of 2015 Celtic Badger Media have developed over a dozen short films and one feature, both stand alone and in partnership with other production companies.

Paddy Murphy
Lead Writer/Director

Paddy is a person of a eccentric disposition (Weirdo!!), who started making his own films two years ago. People loved them, so now he's stuck doing what he loves. What a freak, eh?

Barry Fahy
Lead Cinematographer/Head of Online Content

Barry “The Wizard” Fahy has one of the greatest eyes on the planet. Barry is also awesome at Cards Against Humanity. Hey, it’s important to know these things, OK!

Aaron Walsh
Lead Editor

Aaron was a mere film student when he met one Paddy Murphy & since then, the two have worked together on over a dozen shorts & their first feature. Aaron stitches films together and he’s damn good at it.

Brian Clancy
Concept Development/Actor

Brian comes from a background in music – as a talented hip-hop artist. He was the concept creator for The Three Don’ts and has acted in many of Celtic Badgers films to date.

Sean Mercier
Camera/Production Design

Sean is the jack of all trades of the CBM crew. He has a varied and interesting CV and is capable of almost anything. He is also a crazy human – and should be avoided at all costs. Do not feed.

Kathy Murphy
Admin/Production Design

Kathy is the long suffering wife of Paddy Murphy. She handles much of the administrative stuff at CBM and manages sets with an Iron Fist. She is a hero.

Adam Moylan
Actor/Content Creator

Adam Moylan is like a puppy personified. He is full of energy and impossible to chastise. He is also an incredibly talented actor. Who looks a bit like a young Tim Curry.

Nathan Wong
Actor/Production Design

Nathan is many things. A writer, a builder, a performer. He is also the voice of reason at times in the Celtic Badger clan. Hero above all else.

Bekki Tubridy
Head of SFX & Makeup

Bekki is the lady who brings all the nightmarish visuals to life in Celtic Badgers stuff. She loves cutting people open, summoning demons and getting her hands bloody. She also likes SFX & Makeup.

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