Therapy from The Movie Crypt

I happen to be a great lover of Podcasts. My favourites include Shock Waves, Strong Language & Violent Scenes, Fear Initiative, Film Riot Podcast and of course, Adam Green, Joe Lynch and Dr. Arwen over on The Movie Crypt.

The Movie Crypt has been running for around 6 years and in that time it has become an incredible source of information and inspiration to film-makers around the globe. CBM are lucky enough to be proud supporters of the show over on Patreon, meaning that we get to ask questions as part of viewer mail and of course, the show’s fantastic Hollywood Therapy segment.


Since we first developed the concept of The Perished, I’ve reached out a number of times through it’s production for advice and created somewhat of an ongoing saga around the film’s development & now, completion. It was nice to be able to kind of bookend the Hollywood Therapy journey in some way – while also getting some great advice about what to do next.

From the show;

JOE: I totally remember being outside The Phoenix [Artist Club] with Paddy that night and you know, like, that’s the thing when you go to FrightFest – everyone goes to The Phoenix afterwards. That’s just a moment where you’re not like, you’re not on – so to speak but everybody goes there and everyone is just having a good time and you go upstairs afterwards to just kind of… decompress, or get some air or whatever.

I remember having a conversation with Paddy and you know kind of just giving him, encouragement – you know, you can keep moving and to hear that he got his movie into FrightFest make’s me feel so happy for him and for everybody involved.

Honestly, this means so much given Joe Lynch (and of course, Adam Green’s) influence on the film both from it’s conceit through to it’s FrightFest premiere announcement. A huge thanks to Adam, Joe and of course Dr. Arwen for the advice, encouragement and support and for all the wonderful content they continue to create both on The Movie Crypt and beyond that with Films and their fantastic sitcom, Holliston.


Joe Lynch’s new movie, Point Blank, just dropped on Netflix starring Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo, while Adam’s most recent feature film, Victor Crowley is available online to buy on and also via VOD streaming platforms like iTunes & Amazon. This excerpt comes from Episode 320, which see’s the dynamic trio interviewing genre icon, Sid Haig, star of Rob Zombies soon to be trilogy, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devils’ Rejects & Three from Hell – as well as classic horror films like Spider Baby and Galaxy of Terror.


Check the episode out over here (or via Spotify, Google Podcasts etc.) and once again huge thanks (and massive congrats) to all the folks at The Movie Crypt who recently became part of the Fangoria podcasting network.

Read more about how Adam & Joe helped to make The Perished happen in our recent article about the film’s journey to it’s FrightFest premiere!

To quote Joe Lynch; Film-makers never give up!

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