Paddy goes to Hell

This week I had the great privilege to go on one of my ALL-TIME favourite podcasts, Strong Language and Violent Scenes podcast – hosted by the wonderful, charming and talented Andy Stewart and Mitch Bain. This was a dream come true to me as such a long time fan of the show.


The show’s format is an incredibly fun one. A guest comes on to try and defend a movie that they love that is either critically panned, commercially unsuccessful or lost in the mists of time and obscurity. I chose Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday; a film I’ve had a soft spot for since I was only a wee ‘un.

Jason Goes to Hell was directed by Adam Marcus, who at the time was only 23 years old. Getting handed the reigns of a franchise at such a young age, you might presume Adam would stick to doling out the same kind of familiar tropes the franchise was known (and beloved) for, but instead he did something completely unique and in my humble opinion, refreshing.


With the return of Kane Hodder, more body hopping than you can shake a machete at and a stellar performance from the incredible Steven Williams as Creighton Duke, Jason Goes to Hell has since then gained a cult following and won over many of the naysayers, but was I able to sway Andy and Mitch on my film of choice?

Check the episode out over on Podbean to find out.


Or also on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast or wherever you consume your podcast media.

I talk a bit about The Perished and our FrightFest world premiere around the 1 hour and 22 minute mark, if you’re inclined to check that out and for some reason don’t want to hear me, Andy and Mitch going down a Creighton Duke rabbit hole of no return 😉


A huge thanks again to the guys. This was honestly something I’ve wanted to do since they first started the show and I really couldn’t appreciate the opportunity enough. Andy has been a close friend and colleague for the past four years and is genuinely, one of the most talented film-makers I’ve had the great luck to meet and work with. I learned so much working as third AD on his short film Remnant and owe him a world of gratitude!

Please check the show out and subscribe, give it a 5 star rating and show some love.

And remember, it’s better to die alone than live as food in a world of CHUD’s.

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