The Perished – Hometown Premiere

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THE PERISHED will have its “HOMETOWN PREMIERE” at the ODEON, CASTLETROY, LIMERICK at 9.20pm on FRIDAY THE 13TH OF MARCH, 2020. This will be the last time for IRISH audiences to see the film until a distributor is locked in for the territories of IRELAND & THE UK.

Key cast and crew will be at the event including Director, Paddy Murphy, Producer/DP, Barry Fahy, Producer Vachn GillCourtney McKeon [lead actor], Paul Fitzgerald [lead actor], Noelle Clarke [supporting actor] as well as Stephen Tubridy [creature performer]


THE PERISHED is a drama/horror film which tells the story of a young Irish woman named Sarah Dekker (award-winning actress, Courtney McKeon) who finds herself dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, her subsequent abortion, and the consequences of a judgmental society.

The HOMETOWN PREMIERE in LIMERICK will cost €6 for tickets and includes a small popcorn at receptionThere will be an introduction from Writer/Director, Paddy Murphy as well as a Q&A with select cast & crew, after the screening.


While recovering from an abortion, a young woman is tormented by the spirits of the unborn…who seek a mother.

Critical praise for THE PERISHED:

 “A compelling fusion of emotional anguish and supernatural horror”

  • Andrew Marshall, Starburst Magazine

 “An impressively dark tale rooted in real-life horrors!”

  • Joey Keogh, Wicked Horror

 “Handles its subject matter with grace and respect.”

  • Connor Strader, Nightmarish Conjurings

 “A brilliant sophomoric effort and solidifies Murphy’s spot on the “directors to watch” list.”

  • Andrew Brooker, Jumpcut Online

 “Like something straight out of Clive Barker’s mind.”

  • -Kat Hughes, The Hollywood News

“McKeon is excellent in the lead”

  •  -Kim Newman, Genre Critic & Bram Stoker Award-Winning Author

 “It looks like Irish genre films have got a rising star to keep an eye on!”

  •  -Pip Ellwood-Hughes, Entertainment Focus

The film was written and directed by Paddy Murphy, who produced alongside Barry Fahy and Vachn Gill. It stars Courtney McKeon (THE THREE DON’TS), Fiach Kunz (GAME OF THRONES), Paul Fitzgerald (THE SLEEP EXPERIMENT), and Lisa Tyrrell (URBAN TRAFFIK).

THE PERISHED is coming to the end of its festival run, having world premiered at FrightFest UK, the largest horror and genre-specific festival in Europe, in August of 2019. The film had its Irish premiere at the Irish Film Institute as part of Horrorthon in October 2019 before playing several locations in the UK (garnering a number of awards), Italy and most recently having its US premiere at Panic Fest in Kansas City, Missouri.


At Panic Fest the film was introduced by Joe Lynch – director of WRONG TURN 2, KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM, EVERLY, MAYHEM and, most recently, Netflix’s POINT BLANK, which starred Frank Grillo and Anthony Mackie. Joe Lynch not only did the introduction but also went on to moderate the Q&A and championed the film online, stating, “It’s like Ken Loach remade DON’T LOOK NOW!”

The poster was designed by acclaimed artist Christopher Shy, who created posters for GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS, THE HEAD HUNTER, PET SEMATARY, and more. Post-production and sound was handled by Massimiliano Borghesi (BOOK OF MONSTERS). A limited number of EXCLUSIVE poster prints will be available at the HOMETOWN PREMIERE at a cost of €5 per poster.

The Perished - 467.jpg

The Horror Collective is a genre sales & distribution label led by Shaked Berenson (former co-founder of Epic Pictures and producer of films like TALES OF HALLOWEEN and SEA FEVER) and Jonathan Barkan (former Editor-in-Chief of horror news site DREAD CENTRAL).

Distribution for Ireland and the UK is currently still being negotiated.

 Official Trailer:

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