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Celtic Badger Media is a film-making collective based in Limerick/Clare/Galway, in the West of Ireland. CBM has already brought to life over twenty short films, a variety of music videos and two feature film’s, The Three Don’ts & The Perished.



Click the image above to learn more about Celtic Badger Media co-founders, Paddy Murphy & Barry Fahy

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Paddy Murphy is an Irish writer/director based in the Limerick/Clare region. Paddy came to film from a background in video game development. From 2009-2012, he released over a dozen games across a variety of platforms including Playstation, iPhone and PC as part of Open Emotion Studios.

Barry Fahy is an acclaimed cinematographer, producer and director from Galway, Ireland. Barry has been working in film since 2012 and has been instrumental in bringing to life over 20 short films & 3 feature films both with Celtic Badger Media and outside.

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