TINDERED SPIRITS [07 minutes, 07 seconds]


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Directed by Barry Fahy. Written by Paddy Murphy.

Starring Paul Fitzgerald, Clara White & Sebastian the dinosaur.

Genre: Romance, Comedy

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A man and his tiny orange dinosaur wingman named Sebastian prepare for a tinder date. Little does the lady in question realise that her date is in fact a figure from her past – clinging to a dream from years gone by.

Tindered Spirits is a short film, Conceived, Written, Shot and edited with 48Hrs!  Similar to Previous shorts like IRIS and Fade to Black, This was for a Competition.

For Competition all films had too have the following:

Line of Dialogue “If it wasn’t for this stupid smartphone”

Genere: SciFi or Romance

Prop: A Toy Dinosaur…. Sebastian. (the Prop was different for each team)

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